Success story at Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots

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Another success story using All In One, Pain Reliever, and Equi Breathe.

We have had great success on the ALL IN ONE. We have tried it on our 2/3 year old gelding and loved the outcome. This is a picture of him running on the products.

The ALL IN ONE gave him a little edge in the barn and also on the track, but not overly aggressive, as you can see it also makes them look very good and muscle up.

The Pain Releiver looks like it helps during the race and also after the race with the body soreness.

With Equi-Breathe, and the changes with Clenbuterol, it will be used as the bronchial dilater. I would like to say a final thanks to Mr. Freddy for all the information that he gave me and always answering my calls. I would highly recommend these products and if you have any questions to give him a call.



success story using equi herbs products


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