Equi Herbs™

Equi Herbs™ is the product of bringing 5000 years of herbal knowledge and using modern science and testing to apply this knowledge of healing, health, performance, and care to the equine community with our collection of horse supplements. Some other companies also use herbs, so why is our product better? Its easy to see why Equi Herbs™ has the best horse supplements in the market, its because we are involved in the product from beginning to end. First, our research and development team works with trainers to find out the most common ailments and issues with horses and what help most horse owners need. Our Doctor then works closely to formulate the horse herbal supplement. Our base strategy is to use our sources of top quality herbs. Formulations are made and tested before a final product. The final product is then sent through our rigorous testing phase which includes lab testing and blood work. This is how we guarantee quality, testing, and results.

Why use herbs and natural products for your horse?

Herbs offer many advantages over minerals and supplements, which are mostly used by other equine supplement retailers. Herbs provide higher bioavailability, higher nutrition, and better assimilation than any other alternative. Herbs are equal to food, especially an herbivore such as a horse. This low impact on the digestive system gives you results without side effects. Take note that every chemically processed or extracted alkaloid of an herb has yealded side effects, starting at giving ulcers and causing liver damage, yet those side effects were not present when the natural counterpart was used. Simply increasing vitamin and mineral content usually just end up being lost through excretion, and is harder on the system to use. If you're just buying vitamins and minerals, your horse has much potential you haven’t tapped into yet.

Why our products and herbs are the best.

All of our products use herbs as the main base or the whole formula. Our herbs are purchased and scrutinized to the human level in whole form. We take these herbs and lab test them, all of our herbs are lab tested and 40% of them are certified organic! We the combine and process the herbs to our research and bottle them for sale. We are part of the process from start to finish, this gives us the highest quality and more quality control than our competition. Further more our products are formulated through people with the highest qualifications in their field including doctors. Rest assured that you are buying the highest quality products that are developed to the highest human quality standards.