Horse Performance Supplements
Horse Performance Supplements
Horse Performance Supplements
Horse Performance Supplements

Passion for horses

Here at Equi-Herbs, we have a tremendous love for horses of all kinds. That’s why we’re so passionate about horse care. Our job is to help horses achieve their best performance and live their healthiest lives. Nature is at the core of everything we create because mother nature knows how to care for her own.

On top of that, we know your horse has a superpower: they instinctively know what they need to thrive! They’re biologically geared to seek out plants that contain the nutrients they need to perform at their best or overcome any ailment. But horses didn’t evolve in a single location, and sometimes the best supplement isn’t easy to find.

That’s why we blend our herbal supplements using all-natural ingredients from around the world. We also offer single-herb supplements and isolates. No matter what you need to keep your horse healthy throughout their life, you’ll find it here!

Nature has secrets that will unlock the full potential of your thoroughbred, all while promoting perfect overall health. Whether you’re hitting the trails or prepping for an event, you’ve come to the right place.

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Herbs for Horses

For centuries, due to their individual complex biological content, herbs have been used for a variety of ailments.  The tremendous healing powers of herbs have been well documented in the treatment of many different ailments and maladies in all of Earth’s creatures. 

Our horse supplements have been specifically designed to increase the performance of your horse.  We offer alternative, natural horse supplements for the competitive horseman. 

Many equine pharmaceuticals can be effective, but due to their chemical isolation, at times, can create a natural imbalance.  One of these side effects is often a digestive problem, which can become extremely hazardous and costly.   As a result of Herb's natural chemical balance, we can remedy many common ailments in a healthy, cost efficient manner.