Horse Performance Supplements
Horse Performance Supplements
Horse Performance Supplements
Horse Performance Supplements
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All-Natural Herbal Supplements for Horses

Equi-Herbs is passionate about horse health. We know equine athletes need the right nutrition and supplements to perform their best, and we’ve made it our mission to help them get everything they need. 

From digestion support to performance enhancement, our wide range of quality supplements and herbs for horses help your thoroughbreds and racehorses perform their best. We blend our herbal supplements using all-natural ingredients procured from reputable sources around the world. We also offer single-herb supplements and isolates.

You’ll find everything you need on our site to keep your horse healthy and fit. Whether you’re hitting the trails or prepping for an event, Equi-Herbs is your trusted source for quality herbal supplements for horses.

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All-Natural Herbs for Horses

People have been using herbs for thousands of years to heal wounds and treat disease. Today, an astonishing 40-70 percent of the drugs and medicines at a typical pharmacy come from plants.

The healing powers of herbs have been well documented, not just in humans, but also in our equine, feline, and canine friends. Equi-Herbs harnesses the power of nature to create potent supplements designed to increase your horse’s performance and health.

While many caretakers rely on equine pharmaceuticals to treat illness and injury, these drugs often come with unwanted and even harmful side effects. Long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics can create digestive problems and other issues.

Equi-Herbs uses all-natural products derived from nature to restore health. Our herbal supplements for horses effectively and affordably address many common ailments—without harsh drugs or chemicals.

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