Elecampane for Horses

Elecampane can be found throughout Great Britain, central and southern Europe, the temperate zones of Asia west of the Himalayas, and the eastern and central regions of North America.

It is found growing wild in damp meadows, wet-mesic pastures, old fields, and roadsides. It prefers a moist, well-drained clay loam in a damp, partly shaded environment and is easily grown from seed and from cuttings.

The herb was used to treat horses and, hence, the name ‘Horseheal’. In ancient time, veterinary practitioners used the herb to treat pulmonary ailments in horses. On the other hand, the plant’s usefulness in healing scabs on sheep gave it the name ‘Scabwort’. The Latin classical name for elecampane is Inula. The roots and flowers of Inula helenium are used for various medicinal purposes.

Key Benefits of Elecampane:

* Support horse's respiratory health.

* Great Anti-Parasitic

* Support horse's Digestive Health.

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