1- What is the big deal with our products?

Equi Herbs™ line of horse supplements offers a wide range of superior products to get you to the next level in racing. Using only the absolute highest quality ingredients we are able to offer you the best horse supplements on the market. Working closely in the field we understand all the needs required by your horse to live healthier, run faster, be stronger, breathe better, heal faster, and more. With the most superior products, using the best ingredients, and knowing your horse’s needs Equi Herbs™ is your #1 source for horse herbal supplements. We not only test every product to guarantee it’s safe to use and won’t test positive, we guarantee results – “We Bring Results”

2-What is the difference with other Horse Supplements?

It’s easy to see why Equi Herbs™ has the best horse supplements on the market, it’s because we are involved in the product from beginning to end. First, our research and development team works with trainers and other horses and recognizes a product need. Using our resources, research and connections we get feedback about what is missing from a training regimen. Our Doctor then works closely to formulate the right horse herbal supplement. Our base strategy is to use our sources of top quality herbs.

Herbs offer many advantages over minerals and supplements, which are mostly used in the competition. Herbs provide higher bioavailability, higher nutrition, and better assimilation than any other alternative. Simply increasing vitamin and mineral content usually just end up being lost through excretion. The final product is then sent through our rigorous testing phase.

Our base testing is done to check effectiveness and improvement. After adjustments are made to ensure the best results we then lab test the product to ensure it doesn’t test positive and we look for health improvement in our horses. The product is then used for some time in our test horses to track results before releasing them to the public. This is how we guarantee quality, testing, and results.

3-What are the proof?

All our horse supplements are base formulated from high quality herbs by our Oriental Medical Doctor. The usage of the herbs starts with using empirical data of usage that ranges from hundreds to thousands of years. Next, we analyze the research and clinical studies which involve the formulas and herb substitutes. Additional substitutions are used based on additional single herb empirical and clinical data. The secret to our formulations are based on the last decade of research and data used on training athletes in the United States and China at the Beijing Olympic Training Center.

4-Can you use it with other supplements?

Equi-Herbs formulates its horse supplements based on the needs of training. Our first priority is to bring you the horse herbal supplements and bring you results. Since our products are designed with a specific goal we use whatever ingredients we feel are necessary for the best results. Sometimes the horse supplement is designed to be used along with other formulas and sometimes another formula will just overlap with our product. Our formulas are all designed to be safe as well as effective so it is okay to use with other formulas even if there is an overlap of ingredients.

5- How can these horse supplements give you an edge?

Equi Herbs™ is the only company using such a dynamic and encompassing way to formulate and bring horse supplements to the market. The competition is using mostly just vitamins, minerals and fillers with the backing of only basic science to add several ingredients together and make you a product.

Equi Herbs™ uses the base formulating style and science of Chinese Medicine. Our doctor uses this 5000 year old formulating style, science, research, and art to design a formula that has synergy. Synergy is the key to our products; this allows us to create a product where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Scientifically it can be proven that using certain products together has up to a 10 times greater effect, rather than just 2 times. We use this all rounded dynamic way to make the best formulas and the best formulas give you the edge. If you are being edged out in competition again and again, it’s probably because your competition is using Equi Herbs™!

6-How fast can you see results?

Equi Herbs™ makes a wide range of horse supplements to meet your needs. We take several approaches to bring you results. First, we offer our line of long term products that provide a base supplementation for quality long term increase of strength, health, and cardiac endurance. These products are for long term use that gives smaller incremental increases over time but they can be more permanent results.

These are to be coupled with our short term horse pre-race formulas that provide quick short term results to temporarily increase performance and compound on top of our long term products. Long term horse herbal supplements are typically powdered to add into feed to provide results and be cost effective. Short term products are also typically powdered form to provide immediate assimilation and effectiveness.

By using our design program of horse supplements you are getting fundamental inner strength and health, at race time you get a bump of temporary performance leading to the best results possible.

7-Which combination of horse supplements should I use?

We recommend our customers to read the information we provide about each horse supplement. The perfect combination will depend on what your goal is, however we always recommend horse trainers to use All in One horse supplement, and Equi Hormone horse supplement as a horse daily supplement and Advanced Horse Pre-Race the day of an event for extra boost.